• One snow quartz and one opal wire wrapped pendants on a wire wrapped adjustable wait chain.
  • Made with brass & copper filled tarnish-resistance wire.
  • Stones are 100% genuine.
  • Chain is made to be adjsuted up to 36 inches and as short as 12 inches.
  •  If you would like a longer, or a shorter chain please write measurements and or pant size and sex in  in "Special Accomodations" box.  For example: "Size 28 waist chain or Pants Size 8 in Womens"
  • All stones are cleansed, smudge and prayed over.
  • Handmade with care
  • Wearing stones near your uterus/womb/stomach/pelvic area will cause major healing in these areas as well as your whole physical and emotional body.



Opal (Clear, smaller stone) :


  • Brings healing to your whole system but specifically your aura.
  • Brights light, joy and creativity. 
  • Aids in understanding ones own character and feelings.


Snow Quartz (bigger, white stone):


  • Heals subtly and quickly.
  • Good for balance.
  • Purifies the spiritual and emotional body.

Quartz + Opal Waist Chain

  • I will always treat my customers with attention and empathy. If you are not satisfied with an order I will do the best of my capabilities to make it right. 

    Please dont hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns!


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