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The Ocean Fairy Waist Chain is the perfect piece for any water or ocean lover. It features natural stones, such as lapis lazuli, tiger's eye, and quartz, as well as sea shells, turtle charms, and pearl accents. This waist chain is sure to bring peace, clarity, and serenity to its wearers. It is intended to aid you in your connection to the water elements and your inner world.


Lapis Lazuli:

Ascension in this life and the after life

Clearing and protecting your aura

Connection to divine will and purpose


Tigers Eye:

Discernment and clarity


Aids in intuitive matters



Master healer of stones

Clears wounds and heals trauma

Wards off negativity

Calms anxiety


Turtles are a symbol of following your own pace, taking your time in order to recieve longevity. They teach us the power of being present and retreating to your own, inner world.


Seashells and pearls are a gift from mother nature. Promoting calmness and serenity wherever they are.


Chain is made of tarnish resistant brass

14k clasp to ensure longevity

Chain is adjustable for comfort

Handcrafted with love, care and spiritual intent.


If you would like to customize this piece or order a size that is not included in the drop down menu, please do not hesitate to contact me directly!

Ocean Fairy Waist Chain

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