• Handmade multi-stone earrings.

  • Made with brass & copper filled tarnish-resistance wire.

  • Stone beads are 100% genuine 

  • Earrings are about 5 inches in length.

  • All stones are cleansed, smudge and prayed over.

  • Handmade with care.


Stones include amethyst, citrine and multple color jasper beads.




  • Spiritual awakening/intuition.




  • Finding the "warmer" feelings.





  • Different colors have different properties but jasper is all around great for grounding.

Multi-Stone Earrings

  • I will always treat my customers with attention and empathy. If you are not satisfied with an order I will do the best of my capabilities to make it right. 

    Please dont hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns!


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