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What is NONNYCO? 



There really is no defining what NONNYCO will grow into so I (I being Nonny) try to stay away from strict labels to describe my business and art. I can tell you who I am and why I started doing the things I do. 


Who is NONNY? 

I am a woman artist/creator/healer/mother. Those are the labels I use to best describe myself, if I have to choose. Those labels feel good between me and The Creator. I am also a vegetarian. A poet. A writer. A comedian sometimes (only around people I feel comfortable with). A nature lover. An art lover. A truth seeker. I am also in school now for geology.

I strive my best to serve The Creator. I am on my own healing journey. I believe the more still we are (through meditation and prayer), the more in touch with The Creator we become .The best way to know me is to know part of my testimony. I’ve suffered through a lot of trauma and dysfunction. Which has led me to do the work that I do. I have always used creating as a way to escape my reality and to bring joy into my world through the dark days.

Throughout all my life, I’ve always felt strongly tied to The Universe. To The Creator. To God. Allah. Jah. Whatever you choose to call the ultimate, everlasting, being of source. I feel that even in my darkest times, The Creator always shined light into my life. Which is why I feel it's important to shine light on others.


What is the history of NONNYCO? 

NONNYCO started in 2016.

I started making chokers for myself. Upon making them for myself, my friends started buying them off me. I decided to keep going with jewelry making. Learning different types of handmade jewelry techniques. It was something I found myself pouring into more and more. 

I unknowingly was manifesting information and people into my life that would challenge me, my spirit, my business, really all areas of my life.

Of course, people started asking for stone pieces. I started researching and educating myself on stones and energy work. This became something that I really resonated with and understood. I decided to start working with stones and incorporating them into my pieces. I am still learning and growing. As I grow, my brand grows. I don't wish to rush either process, only being guided by The Creator. 


What does the name NONNY mean? 

Nonny (non-knee) is a childhood nickname given to me by my older sister.

I decided to use that name for my business because my business is a representation of that child-like expression and creativity within me. 

What do you want your brand to stand for? 

My vision for NONNYCO was always to aid others in expressing themselves. I aim to create pieces that people see themselves in, and feel more like their true selves when wearing. I always created conversations with my supporters via social media that centered around healing and prospering, since the very beginning. NONNYCO is a family. A safe space. A place where you can go, find inspiration and know that the person behind the brand is someone who takes their spiritual walk seriously. Working with my hands, I believe my energy lives on in my pieces. I aim to be the woman The Creator wants me to be, and spread the energy The Creator wants me to spread.

What is stone healing ?


Stone healing involves working with authentic stones to heal our physical and emotional bodies. Stone work is energy work. Those who work with stones believe each one holds a different vibration being that every stone is a different mineral and/or material produced from Mother Earth. Stone healers believe when you work with a stone, it can guide you in your healing process. 


It’s important to remember


-Each individual's healing process is different.


-We all suffer, but we all have the power to heal ourselves.


-Stone healers, energy workers, etc are guides & vessels through which healing can manifest, but you must do your own personal work. They can guide you towards healing and give you certain tools, but they can not do the healing FOR YOU. 


-Stones, herbs, affirmations etc are tools. They can help you, but again, ultimately it is up to you to embrace healing and transcending pain.


-Pain is a guide/teacher/vessel. You must embrace pain to learn from it. The more you resist uncomfortable feelings the more likely you are to repeat the same patterns, mind sets, relationships, energy exchanges and energy investments that brought you to suffering in the first place.


-”Backtracking” or falling off your path is normal. Do not beat yourself up. Treat yourself with compassion and encouragement. 


How does stone healing work?


Each stone carries a different vibration. For example, Rose Quartz is known as the “love stone”. Rose Quartz is believed to open our hearts to receive love, nurturing and “feminine” energy. But it is foolish to believe that this stone alone will do the work. The stone will guide you by placing subtle thoughts and signs into fruition, but it is up to you to take notice and do the work to remove the blockages that have closed your heart. 

What is your process for cleansing and charging your stones?

When working with stones or working with my hands to create jewelry, I find it important to first check in with myself. How am I feeling? Have I showered, meditated, prayed before handling my stones and jewelry? If not, I will do that before moving forward.

Then, I get to work. I first look at the physical state of the stones, and give them a proper cleanse with a mild soap and water to remove dirt. Then I tune into the spiritual state of the stones. I cleanse them with herbs, holy water, and give them a good smudge with whatever herb I feel called to use. Then, if the stone does well in the sun (meaning it doesn't lose color) I will charge it in the sun. If it doesn't do well in the sun, I will charge it in the moonlight or simply meditate with it sitting near me. 

Then I pray and set the intention over it, and wish the stone well on its travels. 

How do I know which stone/crystals are right for me?

Whichever one calls you. Whichever one comes into your path. 

The more you work with being guided by energy and intuition, the more you will understand. With anything in life, it takes practice. And changes are more often subtle than grand. Stay present. Don’t miss the signs. 

I worked with/wore a crystal and something bad happened to me. Is this a bad crystal or was bad energy brought onto that crystal? 


Again, use your intuition. Where did you get the crystal? Do you trust the source you got it from? If not, then it will be extremely difficult to trust the energy it is giving to you. Make sure you are receiving crystals from people and sources that you are confident in. You can always cleanse and smudge your crystal to get rid of any energy it may have encountered, and reset it back to its most natural vibrations. Make sure you research and educate yourself on that process. You can also contact me with any questions and I will respond accordingly. 


But more importantly, it is important to remember that before joy and peace, we have to clear up the chaos and mess that is blocking it. So if something negative is surfacing, it is most likely time to deal with it properly in the healthiest way we know. Trust in your guides, and your intuition through this time. 


Is working with stones “witchcraft” ?


It most certainly depends on your outlook on energy healing. 

I can only speak from my perspective and education, so I will advise you to do your own research as well. First let's acknowledge that “Witches" as society knows them, oftentimes were healers in the time they lived. They were seen as evil because they could do things that their peers could not understand or explain. For example, they would use herbs to cure sicknesses. They would worship nature in a time period that did not understand nature is a source from The Creator. Crystal healing/energy work is to aid in bringing you to a peaceful state. And like previously stated, it is best to work with someone you trust and feel confident in their intentions and work. My work may not speak to you, that is okay. Go to someone that does speak to you. My work may speak to you now, but it may lead you elsewhere eventually. My work may not have spoken to you before, but presently you may want to embrace it. It's all okay. Any one who truly understands energy will respect you if you need time to process, reflect, sit with yourself, talk to The Creator, meditate, ect before making a decision.

So to answer if stone work is witch - craft, I will say that it's how you look at it. I don't consider myself a witch or consider working with stones witchcraft. But I have met people who do consider themself a witch or bruja who work with stones while doing magic and they were very kind-hearted people who only used their magic for good. Stones and magic can are tools. Think of it like a hammer, a hammer can be used to build houses, or to assault somebody. Stones and magic can be used for good or bad, depending on the person and their intentions. 

If you have a more specific question, please feel free to contact me. If I do not have the answer I will try my best to educate myself or point you in the direction that will give you the answer you are looking for.